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Join us for a night with GARAGE HEROES at Bremerton's iconic Manette Saloon. We've got some fun stuff planned, so stay tune for more info!

APRIL 2, 2022

Skinny Blue is a Blues-Rock singer/songwriter with life experience on three continents, and a soul steeped in American rock and roll. “I remember sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast with my dad as a kid,” Wallwork remembers. “He’d put on a record, vinyl, John Cougar Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen, or Jackson Browne, and he’d say ‘Son, that’s America.’ I was 9 and I still remember that.” Those memories fueled the tracks added to I’m All Right, Skinny Blue’s second full-length album, which takes listeners through situations in American life that we can all relate to: love, loss, and survival. 
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